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Get ready for a four-day mental boot camp. That's what professional trainers who speak highly of this experience call it. These four days are not for wimps. You'll be put through the paces of master training skills that are crucial to successful adult behavior change. There's no fluff in this program - come prepared to re-energize your trainer skills and get a "kick in the seat of the pants" from a master trainer.

At the end of the four-day workshop, trainers will have practiced how to:
  • Create a safe adult learning environment
  • Teach adults differently than children
  • Recognize the difference between training and education
  • Use the trainer model for changing behaviors on the job
  • Give supportive, constructive feedback in the classroom
  • Demonstrate confident presentation skills
  • Present training skills clearly and persuasively & set up a skills practice
  • Effectively facilitate group discussions
  • Handle disruptive behaviors

    DAY 1: Setting the stage for training
  • Review adult learning strategies
  • Designing training content
  • Trainer skills review
  • Six stage training strategy
  • Individual preparation for skills practice

    DAY 2: Presentation Skills
  • Participants present their assigned session
  • Coaching & feedback
  • Answering questions effectively
  • Checking for student understanding

    DAY 3: Facilitation Skills
  • Practice facilitating discussions
  • Setting up a skills practice
  • Giving feedback
  • Getting student participation

    DAY 4: Presentation Skills
  • Practice presentations
  • Coaching & feedback
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