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You're either serving a member or someone on your team who is serving the member. How well your employees treat each other will influence employee motivation and the level of service members experience.

Do your employees go out of their way to help colleagues look good? When they're finished with their own work, do they offer to help others without being asked? Is there an upbeat "can do" atmosphere in every department? Do employees feel supported? Are they excelling in their work and personal development?

This session will explore how to implement extraordinary service to colleagues or "internal customers". Practical approaches for "walking your internal service talk" is what this session is about.

Here's what the session covers:
  • What does internal service mean? What does it look like?
  • How organizational values & leaders drive service behaviors
  • How to give respectful feedback; how to accept feedback
  • Key communication skills that impact our peer service
  • A model for resolving conflict among peers
  • A long-term problem-solving model
  • When and how to involve supervisors and when to handle it yourself
  • Impact of attitude communication on peer relations
  • Identifying behaviors and avoiding inferences and judgments
  • How teamwork impacts internal service
  • Making agreements to help you and your colleagues succeed
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