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Remember the book In Search of Excellence? Many of the companies mentioned are no longer in business because their competition out-serviced them! Exceptional service is easy to describe in words; how you put it into action is what counts. It's not complex but implementing non-negotiable service behaviors takes courage.

This session explores how to define measurable exceptional service behaviors and practical approaches for walking your service talk. We're talking Exceptional Service that causes members to use more services and refer other potential members to your credit union.

Here's what the session covers:

Presenting Yourself Professionally
  • Principles of effective communication
  • Presenting yourself with confidence
  • Behaving genuinely friendly
  • Projecting a positive attitude
  • Reflective listening skills are a powerful tool
  • Achieving understanding using the clarity model

    Building positive member relations
  • Building trust and rapport with members
  • Impact of the stranger syndrome on effective service
  • Resolving member conflict
  • Problem-solving that builds member relations
  • Getting referrals from existing members

    Service-centered relationship selling
  • Presenting products and services to members without being pushy
  • Recognizing and responding to member needs
  • Knowing your competitive advantages
  • Cross-selling additional products members need
  • Helping members make the right choices
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