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"I wish employees would have a more positive attitude" "Why do the same people complain about the same issues over and over and how do I get them to stop?" "If employees would take initiative and responsibility to solve their own issues with peers I could save a lot of time." Sound familiar?

Ever wonder why some employees don't change? What causes one person to be motivated and another to depress everyone around them? Isn't it irritating to work next to someone who always complains? If your employees are already motivating themselves and behaving like leaders no matter what their position - congratulations.

According to Gallop research, employees guided by effective leaders are more productive, more creative and more satisfied. Today's employees want a workplace where they are stimulated, motivated and achieving personal growth; where career development is not just a policy; where they can succeed and be mentored by meaningful inspired leaders. Do your managers create high performance environments? Are you brave enough to make your supervisors accountable for the performance level of employees? These are coaching skills that get results.

During the two-day workshop, you'll learn strategies for creating high performance employees through coaching skills proven successful over time. Using adult learning, and behavior-based training methods, participants take charge of their own behavior change and learn how to help others change their own behaviors. The training will focus on skills that cause leaders to:
  • Achieve Performance change in others
  • Counsel and mentor employees
  • Use adult behavior change principles when coaching
  • Give adult-based on-target and developmental feedback
  • Identify behaviors not inferences or judgments
  • Use non-judgmental language when giving feedback
  • Be persuasive when coaching skills development

    Here's what participants will practice:

  • Problem-Solving Skills
    Identifying underlying needs
    Clarifying the issues
    Staying neutral
    Facilitating employee problem-solving
    Empowering employee responsibility
    Managing follow-up

  • Training Skills
    Adult learning principles
    Maintaining a safe coaching environment
    Presenting ideas clearly
    Checking for employee understanding
    Using the adult teaching model

  • Performance Change Skills
    Identifying end results
    Focusing on issues and behaviors
    Getting employee commitment to change and self development
    Reaching agreements; Establishing consequences

  • Communication Skills
    Probing, clarifying and reflective listening
    Identifying underlying needs
    Presenting ideas clearly using positive attitude language
    Building employee confidence
    Helping employees be clear and have open communication
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