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Your knees are knocking your palms are sweaty and you have a pounding heart. You're about to make a presentation. The trick is not to get rid of the butterflies but to get them to fly in formation.

How we communicate our ideas and come across when speaking in public can make or break your success. What does it take to present ideas clearly and effectively? Is your presentation to persuade, to inform or to educate? Research shows that those who communicate well advance 30% faster in their chosen fields.

You can become a more confident speaker, present ideas clearly and persuasively and keep your listeners attention whether you're speaking to audiences of one or one hundred people.

Here's what the session covers:
  • How to build confidence as a speaker
  • Controlling anxiety
  • Capturing an audience's attention
  • Designing content
  • Creating clear messages
  • Telling stories effectively
  • Speaking persuasively
  • Answering questions
  • How to use visuals and handouts
  • Speaking from notes
  • Training versus speaking
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