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"Carol's understanding of credit unions and application of her practical experience made this seminar one of the best I've attended. Have her back!" -Rhode Island

"Her step-by-step advice and knowledge of the subject was excellent. Carol is an excellent speaker and made the day informative and enjoyable" -Rhode Island

Carol was able to take abstract principles and make them practical to us." -Hawaii

"... She knows her subject and is clear, interesting and humorous. Her examples helped me see how I can apply what I learned to my own situation" -Washington

"I was supposed to leave early but because Carol was so captivating, I stayed!" -California

"As a trainer, Carol really held our attention. She has a way of hitting home and keeping us interested and involved." -Oregon

"The day was time well spent. I learned a lot that will help me to better serve our members" -Washington League

"Carol is professional and brings energy to her presentations. She's creative and involves participants." -Mississippi League

"The response to Carol's programs was nothing short of astounding. Her contributions to our convention education sessions were the talk of those who attended" -New Mexico League

"Her enthusiasm and credit union expertise made Carol an ideal speaker for our Chapter Leaders' Institute. She had new ideas and everyone left with renewed energy." -Michigan League

"Your evaluation rating of 9.4 out of 10 was the highest of the Institute." -Utah League

"Your usual enthusiastic presentation style and illustrative stories make learning enjoyable and effective; your session at our CEO conference was rated as the best of the conference." -Ohio League

"Your session scored 4.8 out of 5 and is among the highest marks ever awarded a speaker." -Iowa League
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