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The Train-the-Trainer certification is especially suited for credit union employees. This program works for inexperienced trainer s to help them effectively present the training modules; It also works for experienced trainers who want to develop master training skills. The 4-day workshop is effective for trainers and non-trainers to competently present, facilitate and coach employees in specific skills.

Some credit unions send managers through this Train-the-Trainer program because the skills help supervisors more effectively coach employee performance on the job. It's also critical that senior management understand what commitments it will take to make behavior change happen organization-wide.

Here's what trainers will learn during the 4-day certification program:
  • Mastering the content of each module
    Trainers learn the rationale and content of each skill in each module. This section prepares trainers to answer questions about the "why" of each skill, to explain skills clearly and to demonstrate each skill effectively. Trainers get to know each module so well that they can discuss any part at any time during a learning session.

  • Presentation Skills
    Through extensive practice and coaching, participants develop advanced personal training skills. They learn how to plan and organize content, make information clear and interesting, speak with confidence and authority and control the classroom, while still maintaining an open learning atmosphere. Trainers practice delivering content and demonstrating skills using examples, stories and illustrations.

  • Facilitation skills
    Having mastered the content and personal presentation skills, the trainers now develop their ability to coach learners in the skills, give professional feedback, get learners to participate, help learners become comfortable with skills, control open group discussion, take advantage of teachable moments and deal with personality differences. Trainers also learn to answer questions effectively, how to motivate learners and how to deal with resistance in the classroom. In this section participants become certified master trainers.

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