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"She just attended a sales training course so why isn't she better at selling?" "He did everything right in the classroom but he's failing on the job." "They rated the class a 10 but I don't see any difference in their performance." If these sound familiar, come hear what good training is really about.

Learn how adult learning design is crucial to effectively transferring skills from the classroom to the workplace. Training is not rewarding correct answers with candy. Adults are motivated by what training can help them achieve personally. When employees are motivated, they become a powerful marketing tool for the credit union. So how do you train employees to come across as knowledgeable, friendly and caring?

What does good training look like? What makes training programs work? And fail? What's the difference between education and training? What skills should you look for in an expert trainer.

Here's what the session covers:
  • How adults learn; why adult learning is different than child learning
  • Ordinary versus expert training
  • How educating and skills-based learning differ
  • How to identify your training needs
  • Training on a shoestring budget
  • Skills to look for when selecting a trainer
  • Creating and identifying training resources
  • Skills for master trainers
  • Why training programs succeed and why they fail
  • How to approach new employee orientation/training
  • Training employees in product knowledge
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