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Maud Matenda
Maud Matenda, Harare, Zimbabwe, Southern Africa

This project is to support Maud Matenda in Zimbabwe. As the only credit union development person at the Zimbabwe League, Maud is solely responsible for creating, supporting and developing credit unions throughout the country of Zimbabwe. This puts her on the road at least 60% of her time, helping form credit unions and implementing a creative "learning circle" education strategy within rural credit unions to help them deal with community and family subsistence issues.

Maud's challenge is that she has lost 4 siblings to AIDS, malaria and related diseases and she has taken on the support of 13 children and remaining spouses. The political and economic situation in Zimbabwe is critical. Unemployment in Zimbabwe is at an all time high of 70% and inflation hit 230%. Maud spends 3 hours a day waiting for transportation to go to and from work because there is limited fuel for cars in the country. In addition, famine has become an issue and Maud says they are lucky to have meat once a week. Bread is costing $5, when it's available and frequently store shelves are empty of staple foods. There is no cooking fuel left in the village where her 80 year old parents live and where Maud has been forced to house many of her sibling's children.

She is determined the children will all go to school and have shoes and school clothing so almost Maud's entire salary is going to support extended family members. She must also bring cooking fuel (wood) to the village when she can find transport because wood is no longer available and coal is too expensive and harmful to the environment.

The goal of this project is to ease Maud's burden by raising enough funds to purchase a truck and support Maud with $12,000 annually. The truck will allow her to spend less time waiting for buses. Equally important the truck will allow her to bring resources to the village as well as generate income by renting out the truck for transport to local farmers who want to being goods to market.

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