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ONE-ON-ONE COACHING CLINICS - 3 hours each manager
Prerequisite: Two-Day Master Coaching Skills Workshop

What if employees are not selling effectively? What if member feedback isn't consistently positive? How do you handle employees who might not be in the right job? How do you know if it's a behavior, training or attitude based issue? How do we help employees make tough choices?

Face it. How employees perform is a direct reflection on those who coach them. Habits are difficult to change. We know what to do, we just learned it in a workshop. Putting our learning into practice is the challenge.

As a follow-up to our two-day coaching workshop, the one-on-one coaching clinics will help you put into practice what you learned. These clinics are for the serious minded who honestly want to improve their skills.

These sessions are designed to help leaders polish their coaching skills in specific situations. Real-time, one-on-one coaching events with people you supervise. Come prepared for some tough-love reality checks.

  • Observe the trainer in a one-on-one coaching event
  • Conduct a coaching event with an employee you supervise
  • Receive helpful feedback from both employees and trainer


    Leadership communication skills:
  • listening, probing, clarifying
  • using behavior-based language
  • controlling critical "self-talk" messages in self and others

    Leadership coaching skills:
  • coming across non-judgmentally
  • building others' self-esteem
  • solution-centered problem-solving
  • expressing feedback using positive language
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