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Here's a behavior-based training package that gives you everything you need to establish or enhance your existing service and sales training. The materials are custom designed especially for credit unions by a master trainer, examples, demonstrations and skill practices come from real credit union situations. There are no expensive video tapes that don't portray your environment or look outdated. You control the context so it's always relevant to your credit union.

Because the materials come on disks you may easily customize the contents to your own environment. You don't keep spending money on workbooks because you have authorization to make as many as you need whenever you need them at no additional charge.

We know adult learners don't want just theory. And certainly no one likes a talking head. We believe that employees already know about good service and sales. What this program does is translate the knowledge into behaviors. Effective training changes both thinking and behaviors. This means training must meet an employee's personal needs and must be seen as practical and relevant. When people are active in their own learning and not just passively listening, they are more likely to change their own behaviors. The training materials are designed around adult learning methods proven successful over time.

Adult-based learning methods increase the likelihood that skills will be practical and transferred to the workplace. Our materials are created by master trainers and communication experts and include clear rationales, credit union examples and practical exercises that don't put people on the spot in front of their peers.

The Modules in Detail
Train-the-Trainer Certification
Question to ask when you're looking for training programs

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"Carol's program has everything you need to walk in and train employees immediately. Not only are the materials specific to credit unions - the skills taught are immediately applicable on the job"
Whatcom Educational CU
"We use Carol's training materials both for new employee training and for experienced employees. The Master-Trainer program was especially useful because of the one-on-one feedback and coaching."
Watermark CU
"Because the materials are set up in units, we can customize the training to our specific needs. Also, because the materials come in both hardcopy and disk format it saves us from having to buy additional workbooks each time we train new employees and that saves us money. Carol's personalized feedback in the master trainer workshop was so helpful that we sent five trainers through the program"
Boeing Employees CU
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